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Marriott Just Fired an Employee Because She’s a Democrat

(**Update on this article can be seen here.) HERE’S THE DEAL Marriott fired a long-term employee, a Democrat, because she’s running for a seat on her local county commission. And it just so happens that Marriott supports her Republican opponent. Let’s tell Marriott where we stand on punishment-for-politics. Here’s one way: If you have a … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

IT TAKES A VILLAGE This week, Ann Coulter set the record straight (in her mind) when she declared that “I used to think everything was about sex, now I realize everything is about immigration.” FOX News got all literary on us while covering a spelling bee, Louisiana’s legislature (state) wants to make the Bible (church) … Continue reading

Let’s Show Some Twitter Power

UPDATE, March 20, 2014: Wells Fargo is back to their old tricks. They lived up to some of their promises but lied about other ones. We have to get started again! Tweeting this will help and only take a second. And it will be much appreciated! Unless we get their attention again, William and his … Continue reading