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Keep Hope Alive

This Week’s Poll! Like all Americans, we believe in the promise of the American Dream. You know what that means: work hard, be smart and play the lottery. Hey, in this country of inflationary inequality, gerrymandering, hanging chads and corporations that are people too, my friend — the lottery seems to us like the last … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

According to the U.S. Clerk’s Office, the 112th Congress will unseat the 104th Congress as the least productive on record — unless it can find 100 items of legislation to pass by Tuesday. Congratulations, 112th. You’re history. “Reader, suppose you were an idiot. And suppose you were a member of Congress. But I repeat myself.” … Continue reading

This Week in Ancient History

48 years ago this week, President Johnson signed a $1 billion anti-poverty bill. “Freedom,” he said, “is not enough.“

Green with Envy

This Week’s Poll! This week, the Pew Research Center reported that a whopping two-thirds of the country now sees a strong conflict between the haves and the have-nots — a figure that’s up 19 percentage points since just a few years ago. But, according to the psycho-rich Mitt Romney (who happens to be among the … Continue reading

Meet the One Percent

We all know the face of the 99% – most of us can just look in the mirror if we want to get to know them better.  But how many of us have spent time with the 1%? And why are they the object of so much scorn?  After an exhaustive search, Lester & Charlie … Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street!

Is it time for the greedy to start sharing with the needy? Lester & Charlie bring you to the front lines of Occupy Wall St. in Lower Manhattan. The 99 Percenters say that they’re the majority, but Wall St. and Washington are saying that corporations are the majority. Which is it? And can America survive … Continue reading

When You Care Enough to Send the Very Bereft!

This Week’s Poll! To the millions of struggling out-of-work Americans: help is on the way! No, it’s not the GOP in Congress. (Were you surprised?) It’s Hallmark Cards! Since everyone knows that no event — be it a birthday or the death of a loved one — is complete without a pre-printed, pre-digested message penned … Continue reading