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Periods for Pence

The Best Pro-Choice Anti-Pence Movement Rally Ever Right before George W. Bush came up with the first legitimate reason to burn a book – a memoir called “The Decider” – he told NBC anchor Matt Lauer that, as young man, his mother showed him an old jar containing the fetus of her stillborn child. Later, … Continue reading

Flying Dildos

Chances are there’s a conservative politician under your bed or on your favorite news show screaming that sex, and the sex industry, are the cause of moral decay. Why? In April, reporters jumped all over GOP loser Ted Cruz’s vehemently anti-dildo and anti-masturbation track record from back when he was solicitor general in Texas. The … Continue reading

The B*tt Plug Stops Here

Media jump on the opportunity to report about politicians and their proclivity to invade our bedrooms and tell us that sex and the sex industry cause moral decay. So in April reporters jumped all over Ted Cruz’s vehemently anti-dildo and anti-masturbation track record from back when he was solicitor general in Texas. The reports positioned … Continue reading

Homeless Jesus

This month, a study came out from Stanford University with a conclusion that shocked its own researchers: Low-income people live longer and healthier lives when they live in affluent areas like New York or San Francisco. This is shocking because it’s counter intuitive. If you live in an affluent place like New York or San … Continue reading

#1 Protest Ever: Periods for Pence

Have you been following the grassroots pro-choice rally in Indiana? You should be! Strict new laws always lead to groups of protesting voters holding picket signs, making scripted phone calls, signing petitions and demanding to get their Supreme Court sanctioned rights back. Surely this is happening in Indiana, but the women of Hoosierville are also … Continue reading

#1 Dumbest Idea The NRA Has Had This Year

One section of the National Rifle Association’s website is endearingly named “NRAFamily.” It includes a series called “Fun Friday,” covering news like “6 Invasive Species That Are Damaging The U.S.” and a clever “How To” section that, somehow, includes an article named “The 7 Disease Bearing Ticks In America.” Now, NRAFamily has posted the second … Continue reading

Kiddie Sworn

There’s a nasty loophole in immigration court, namely that kids as young as 3 years old are not entitled to an assigned counsel to help them answer complex legal questions. “… [Judge ] Weil is one of the bigwigs in the Executive Office for Immigration Review and helps the agency set policy for all the … Continue reading

No Parking – Under Penalty of Death

When scientists recently discovered that the Salem witch executions took place on the edge of what’s now a Walgreens parking lot, it might have solved a lot more than some old geographical mystery. Is it possible that the accused witches have gotten their revenge? Read our new article at Smashpipe to find out what’s really … Continue reading