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Some Friendly Advice

Note to the newly sworn-in Republican Congressional majority: This month in 1914, Henry Ford introduced a minimum wage that equals $14/hr in today’s dollars. As he put it, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.”   ***

The Week in Politics

WAITING FOR THE THIRD DOT Everything you need to know about last week’s politics for this week’s cocktail party. They say it takes “three points on a graph” to spot a trend. For example, if you spent $2 for a beer yesterday and $5 on a beer today and put that on a graph, it … Continue reading

Marriott Just Fired an Employee Because She’s a Democrat

(**Update on this article can be seen here.) HERE’S THE DEAL Marriott fired a long-term employee, a Democrat, because she’s running for a seat on her local county commission. And it just so happens that Marriott supports her Republican opponent. Let’s tell Marriott where we stand on punishment-for-politics. Here’s one way: If you have a … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

THE WEEK OF WHATEVER Everything you need to know about last week’s politics for this week’s cocktail party. This week, an AP-Gfk poll called “Midterm Schmidterm” found that about half of the voters in American don’t give a rat’s ass who controls Congress and about 32% — when asked which party they’ll vote for — … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

CROSSING THE LINE   This week, the Golden State Fence Company, which was contracted to build a fence along the California-Mexico border, was fined $5 million — for hiring illegal immigrants to build the border fence. Also this week, Senate Republicans announced that they will address immigration reform in about two years.   *** Get … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

WHERE’S THE DOUGH? It’s no secret that the dreaded Koch Brothers have spent almost $500 million of their bulging fortune on pet Republican candidates and ultra-conservative, narrow-minded “think” tanks. The Kochs have become the poster boys of white-bread American illusions. They’re a three-way cross between Norman Rockwell, Ronald Reagan and a wallet. They want everyone … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

Caveat Emptor This week’s prize for dirty tricks and cunning social media tactics goes to the Republican party. Hands down. They seem hellbent on proving that they would rather manipulate the vote than run on a platform that earns legitimate ones at the polling booth. They’ve already pushed through Citizens United, helped gut the Voting … Continue reading

VIDEO: Ron and Nancy Trip the Light Fantastic

“I never drink coffee at lunch. I find it keeps me awake for the afternoon.” ~Ronald Reagan Join Ron and Nancy Reagan as they show a 1950s audience just how much they enjoy LSD conserving energy! Get Lester & Charlie’s New Book Today! ***

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Obama’s State of the Union address gave conservatives a lot of opportunities to run their crazy flags up the proverbial vaginal probe this week. Faced with a Congress in serious need of maximum strength ex-lax®, Obama laid out a plan for legislating by Executive Order — raising the minimum wage for federal contractors, for one, … Continue reading

The Name Game: GOP Edition

  What do you do when you’re an-ultra conservative candidate trying to outdo another ultra-conservative candidate — one who has been labeled by the National Journal one of the most conservative members of Congress? Do you trumpet your endorsements from conservative groups? Blame your opponent for the Affordable Care Act? Photoshop him in to a … Continue reading

Yak to Basics

The GOP has been squirming more than usual this week, now that their darling rising star, New Jersey governor Chris Christie, has been “embarrassed and humiliated” on a national stage because of a breathtakingly mean and misguided act of revenge. Some pundits say Christie’s bridge scandal has seriously weakened his chances of securing the presidential … Continue reading

Uncommon Law

Last week, lots of bloggers and Internet People (including us) asked the same question: What do YOU think will happen in 2014? Well, here we are, 2014 has barely started and we’re already getting some answers. Exciting things are happening all over the place, thanks in part to “legislation” — something that we, having paid … Continue reading