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99.44% Pure

This Week’s Poll! What does it mean to be a Republican these days? It’s an excellent question, given that, just this week, conservative columnist David Brooks published a piece in the New York Times urging mainstream Republicans to wrestle their party’s identity back from right-wing extremists. Alas, mere hours later, Senator Olympia Snowe, one of … Continue reading

I’m Just a Bill

This Week’s Poll! There’s been a lot of activity this week. No, we’re not talking about Mitt Romney winning Florida. We’re talking about amendments. You know what those are. Amendments are the way an elected representative takes something in a bill that she sees as hideous and tries to make it palatable for her constituents, … Continue reading

Aunt Betty on Fundamentalism

“If the right people were medicated, I wouldn’t have to be.” -Aunt Betty’s Almanac

Aunt Betty on Screwing Things Up

“To err is human, but to really screw things up takes a Republican.” -Aunt Betty’s Almanac

Aunt Betty on Religion

“Sitting in a church isn’t going to make me any more religious than sitting in a garage would make me a Ford.” -Aunt Betty’s Almanac