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Find Out If You’ve Lost The Awe in Shock Value

Intrepid reporters Lester & Charlie went into hibernation for a while (did you miss us?) because the news seemed to be getting… stale. Watching the news these days is like watching a long-running soap opera. You can tune out for years, check back and discover that your favorite character is still dying or still having … Continue reading

A Nazi Grows in Alabama

These days, does anyone care if a quote is taken out of context? Not really, it seems. Certainly not the media that this week ran with the headline “Gwyneth Paltrow thinks water has feelings!” when the actress/lifestyle guru attempted to paraphrase the work of a Japanese author she admires. Other, more damaging examples: Barack Obama‚Äôs … Continue reading

Take our TV Triva Challenge

You probably grew up with television, but how much do you really know about it? While researching our last book — Please Stand By: Lester & Charlie’s 50 Favorite TV Test Patterns — we uncovered a lot of facts and trivia. Some of it we knew already but a lot of things took us by … Continue reading