Occupy Wall Street

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Saturday’s Video Vault Selection

Support Group! The Supreme Court might think that corporate personhood is the answer, but being a corporation raises a lot of questions. Lester & Charlie checked in on a support group for corporate people – watch the report! Advertisements

Green with Envy

This Week’s Poll! This week, the Pew Research Center reported that a whopping two-thirds of the country now sees a strong conflict between the haves and the have-nots — a figure that’s up 19 percentage points since just a few years ago. But, according to the psycho-rich Mitt Romney (who happens to be among the … Continue reading

For What It’s Worth

Newt Gingrich is calling for the end of child labor laws. Herman Cain says unemployment is the fault of the unemployed. Wisconsin is trying to recall its anti-labor governor. Congress can’t decide on anything because of some sick lobbyist’s pledge letter. American military action continues – and people continue to die – for wars that … Continue reading

Meet the One Percent

We all know the face of the 99% – most of us can just look in the mirror if we want to get to know them better.  But how many of us have spent time with the 1%? And why are they the object of so much scorn?  After an exhaustive search, Lester & Charlie … Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street!

Is it time for the greedy to start sharing with the needy? Lester & Charlie bring you to the front lines of Occupy Wall St. in Lower Manhattan. The 99 Percenters say that they’re the majority, but Wall St. and Washington are saying that corporations are the majority. Which is it? And can America survive … Continue reading

Acronyms for Dummies

This Week’s Poll! The ongoing protests on Wall Street that are now spreading around the country are coming under attack, from, of all people, the Tea Party. Just an angry mob! Not really grassroots! Too white! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. What’s next — will John Boehner call the sun too orange? … Continue reading