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The Name Game: GOP Edition

  What do you do when you’re an-ultra conservative candidate trying to outdo another ultra-conservative candidate — one who has been labeled by the National Journal one of the most conservative members of Congress? Do you trumpet your endorsements from conservative groups? Blame your opponent for the Affordable Care Act? Photoshop him in to a … Continue reading

Christian Shingles!

Is there anything regular people do that Christians can’t do better? Not to be outdone one-upping Wikipedia with the fact-stripped and fantastic Conservapedia (must be seen to be believed), now they’ve bested social media with a right-wing Twitter aggregation site called Twitchy, which just sold for an undisclosed amount to a Christian radio conglomerate with … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

The Week in Politics We all learned this week that Barack Obama really is a Kenyan Satanist because his new website has almost as many bugs and crashes as, say, those other embarrassing URLs like Facebook and Twitter – which the world also gave up on the first time there was a glitch. Meanwhile, those … Continue reading


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