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Are You More Homicidal Than This Alabama 5 Year Old?

“Mommy? Daddy? What is homicide?” This week, school officials in Alabama put a 5-year-old girl on a suicide and homicide watch after she pointed a crayon at a kindergarten classmate and said “pew! pew!” Yes, this is real. The 5-year-old, identified only as Elizabeth, is said to have drawn a picture resembling a gun before … Continue reading

UPDATE: The Woman Fired in Florida for Being a Democrat

Earlier this week, with your help, we started a Twitter/Facebook/Blog campaign to express outrage over Marriott Worldwide Vacation’s decision to fire a long-term employee for being a Democrat. Here’s a refresher and a report on the latest developments. America’s Reservations with Marriott   Lester & Charlie got a call from Mark Felt this week and, … Continue reading

The Lying Nun

Have you ever secretly wanted to be a fly on the wall at a GOP fundraiser? No? Why not? Liberal infiltration at private events is what got us Mitt Romney’s infamous comments about the “47%” and, more recently, Republican Congresswoman Renee Ellmers’ comments that Republicans can reach those elusive lady voters as soon as they … Continue reading

Lester & Charlie’s Annual Prediction Poll!

Say what you want about 2013. But before you dismiss it, cranky style, for being as lousy as any other year you didn’t get everything you wanted from Santa, try to remember the few good things that happened in the last twelve months. Michele Bachmann announced her retirement from Congress. There was no U.S. presidential … Continue reading

Sanford & Scum

This Week’s Poll! Disgraced politicians everywhere are paying super-crazy-close attention to the surprise comeback of Mark Sanford, the studly Republican former governor of South Carolina who just won a special election to Congress. Sanford’s return is remarkable, of course, because of just how far he’d sunk. This is the guy who made “hiking the Appalachian … Continue reading

I Am… I Said

This Week’s Poll! Republicans give themselves more reasons to exercise their God-given spin control muscles than Democrats do. Sure, Dems like Anthony Weiner have to tuck their Twitter accounts back in their pants now and then, and some sucker with industrial strength pliers has to shadow Joe Biden and dislodge that foot from his mouth … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

A carpool lane is for two or more persons per vehicle. The definition of person in California’s Vehicle Code is a “natural person, firm, co-partnership, association, limited liability company, or corporation.” So when Jonathan Frieman of San Rafael, Calif., was pulled over for driving alone in a carpool lane, he argued to the officer that, … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

On November 6th, voters upheld a longstanding American tradition: Triggering another American tradition: Four more stages of Red State grief to go.

Come to Hey-Zeus

This Week’s Poll! What a difference an election makes.  A few weeks ago, all the GOP wanted to do was arrest anyone with a darker tan than John Boehner. Suddenly, as the saying goes, the GOP can’t even get arrested. Republicans are famous for having their own brand of arithmetic — the kind where 2+2 … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

“While you’re saving your face, you’re losing your ass.” ~Lyndon B. Johnson

The Party’s Over

This Week’s Poll! Many viewers were thrown by how surprisingly nice they thought Mitt Romney’s concession speech was last Tuesday. “Short but gracious,” said the “Today” show. “Statesmanlike,” wrote BuzzFeed. Some pundits went so far as to speculate that we were at long last seeing “the real Mitt” and, if only he had campaigned as … Continue reading

Romney to the Rescue?

This Week’s Poll! Here at the Lester & Charlie Institute of Forward Thinking, we love to track current events! Though sometimes things get in the way. Such as Hurricane Sandy, who came, saw and conquered as if she had memorized the script that those pagan scientists, meteorologists and computer simulators had written for her. One … Continue reading