Mitch McConnell

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3 Stages of Christmas Grief, 2018

For any child, finding out there’s no Santa Clause triggers three stages of grief. First: Shame. “The older kids have been laughing behind my back.” Second: Disbelief. “How could every authority figure in my life be perpetuating a conspiracy like this? Mom and dad, the post office and NORAD? You don’t make this kind of stuff up!” Third: Vindication. “I knew something smelled fishy. I was just about to solve it.” Continue reading


Notes From the Resistance Feb. 9, 2017

Jeff Sessions is unqualified to represent us at Justice; saying so isn’t just Senator Warren’s right, it is a moral imperative. Continue reading

The Week in Politics

If there was any political news, it was rather hard to find this week since media resigned itself to reporting on nothing but the fact that they have nothing to report about that missing flight but will anyway. And the media not covering the flight is covering how much the media is covering it. But, … Continue reading