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What You Don’t Know About Rick Perry

The Machine That Controls Rick Perry’s Brain You might think he’s down for the count, but don’t count Perry out of the race yet! Lester & Charlie have tracked down the mastermind behind the Perry mind – and there’s a method to all this madness. (Or, it’s the only plausible explanation.) Find out more in … Continue reading

Michele Bachmann Has a Secret

Think you know everything about freakish GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann? Think again! What you don’t know is how she got the way she is. Tune into this week’s selection from the Lester & Charlie video vault to find out!

Herman Cain: The Video You Haven’t Seen

In our ongoing investigation of the GOP candidates, Lester & Charlie have uncovered shocking new footage of Herman Cain’s early career! This explains a lot! Don’t miss Lester & Charlie’s special reports on Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry!

Lester & Charlie 2012: What You Don’t Know About the Candidates

The GOP candidates are getting so much press that you might think you know everything about them. But you don’t! Lester & Charlie have been working to deliver some hard-hitting information about each of these stooges presidential hopefuls. First up: Michele Bachmann! Be sure to check out this report! Because what you don’t know might … Continue reading


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