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The Week in Politics

Mr. Potato Head was introduced this week in 1952, so we thought we’d share this proud moment between father and son.     *** Get Lester & Charlie’s New Book Today! ***

The Week in Politics

The Week in Politics: Grumpy Old Men This week, the poster boy for Urgent Mental Health Care – Glenn Beck – wasted the nation’s time playing with dolls from The Wizard of Oz and trying to make some kind of point. Meanwhile, his beleaguered staff did some photoshopping that was surprisingly realistic: And speaking of … Continue reading

John McCain is Sick and Tired of His Outrage!

This Week’s Poll! Wow. Everything, it seems, is outrageous these days. All of it! Not a mouth in D.C. can open up without the sound of outrage spewing. And it’s not just the GOP that’s up in arms, this time. Not since New Coke have we as a nation seen a disaster that both sides … Continue reading

Kissing Cousins

This Week’s Poll! Now that the GOP has officially settled on Willard Mittens as their anointed candidate, we should finally get to see some unity in the scatterbrained Republican Party! It was a long and brutal road to get here, but now it’s time for their shared contempt for that black man in the White … Continue reading