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The Rise and Thrall of Paul Ryan

Complete this sentence: Republicans in 2013 were: (a) hijacked once again by the extreme right-wing; (b) getting worse at disguising their racism; (c) hell-bent on destroying the country; or (d) sexier than ever. Wait! Before you choose, allow us to make a case for that last option. After all, consider what 2013 gave us: An … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

The Week in Politics: Stocking Stuffers Just in time for last-minute holiday shopping, some of the usual right-wing suspects have got your back. No, they’re not helping you or your Aunt Mary find a job so you can actually afford to go shopping. But they are producing some affordable stocking stuffers! First up, pizza mogul … Continue reading

This Week’s Video Vault Selection

“Fear is the foundation of safety.” ~Tertullian The GOP is always trying to turn back time and lead us to a more “sensible” era. Here’s one reason! Check out this archive clip on Product Safety!

Saturday’s Video Vault Selection

Take That, GOP! Back in 2009, it seemed like the Republican party was on its last legs. So Lester & Charlie enlisted a marketing genius to give them a leg up. Looking back, it seems that the GOP took us too seriously. What do YOU think?


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