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The Corporate Cookbook Challenge

But we asked: “What’’s the fuss?” Corporations have been poisoning us for decades, and we willingly gobble down their foodstuffs regardless of risk. We decided to test drive some corporate cookbooks to find out if corporate food is naught or nice. Continue reading

The Corporate Cookbook Challenge

“Corporations are like protean bacteria; you hit them with accountability and they mutate and change their names.” ~Doug Anderson Check out our new article here on Smashpipe and see how corporate recipes stack up! The contenders are: ConAgra, Costco and Dow Chemical. May the most disgusting corporate recipe win!             … Continue reading

Evil, Thy Name is Chicken

This Week’s Poll! On the off chance you were one of the few Americans paying attention to the news in these waning days of summer, you may be forgiven for concluding that, in America, this was the week of the chicken. Seriously, chicken was everywhere. Allow us to explain: This week, the People for the … Continue reading

One of the Few Birthdays to Enjoy

“The best way to execute French cooking is to get good and loaded and whack the hell out of a chicken. Bon appétit!” (Celebrating the101st birthday to Julia Child, the only American who ever conquered France.)