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The Week in Politics

Last week marked the 7th anniversary of VP Dick Cheney telling CNN that the Iraq war would end before the Bush administration left office. (Which can only mean that his diabolical plan for a third term in the White House was foiled.)

Heart and Troll

This Week’s Poll! This week, the world collectively skipped a beat over the news that George W. Bush’s former ventriloquist, Dick Cheney, will team up with his daughter and his cardiologist to throw a few words on a couple of pages, slap a cover on it and call it a best seller. Yes, while some … Continue reading

Bonzo’s Revenge

This Week’s Poll! After Bonzo’s less-talented co-star Ronald Reagan tickled America’s funny bone by declaring ketchup a vegetable and saying trees cause pollution, it didn’t take long for the value of truth among conservatives to deflate faster than a trickle-down savings account! Every day, it seems the justice-seeking party of Lincoln is “progressively” forgetting how … Continue reading