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They Might Be Giants

KARL SLOVER 1918-2011 We lost another Munchkin this week. Karl Slover, who played three roles on The Wizard of Oz for a salary smaller than Toto’s, succumbed to¬†cardiopulmonary arrest, leaving only three other Munchkins on this plane. The New York Times reports that Karl had a tough childhood. His father and a consulting witch doctor … Continue reading

Loss of a Master

BIL KEANE 1922-2011 “Cartoonist” Bil Keane passed away last week, taking with him any chance of an explanation of his his famous (and famously puzzling) daily comic panel, Family Circus. The comic has confused and bewildered children and adults for what seems like centuries. Were they part of a giant sociology experiment for which newspaper … Continue reading

Rapture Redux

When know-it-all evangelist Harold Camping predicted the Rapture earlier this year, Lester & Charlie created this helpful video so that you could be prepared for whatever comes. Since Camping has revised the date to October 21, 2011 we’re re-running the video as a public service!

Let’s Hear it for the Grim Reaper!

This Week’s Poll! In the recent grim debates among the Republican hopefuls, the candidate that got most of the attention — and most of the applause — was none other than Death itself.¬† And we didn’t even realize Death was running for anything. First, when Texas governor Rick Perry was asked how he felt about … Continue reading