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Newsflash: Your Furniture Is Out To Kill You! 

From the perspective of New Yorkers who witnessed the World Trade Center attacks and then pitched in to rebuild the city, if not the country, in its wake, the War on Terror made a lot of sense. If anything, the “war” seemed a day late and a dollar short. But wait a minute! Studies indicate … Continue reading

One Thing Leads to Another

1928-1967 History 101: Che Guevara was executed 48 years ago today. He intended to ignite a Marxist revolution, but ended up sparking a worldwide consumer demand for t-shirts. ***

This Week’s Monthly Book Club Selections

TODAY’S TOPIC: Facing Death Grandma’s Dead: Breaking Bad News to Baby Animals, by McCall & Schwartz Pets Who Want to Kill Themselves, by Duncan Birmingham

To Beep or Not to Beep

Conservatives are always outraged about something. A few weeks ago, we told you about the right-wing umbrage being tossed around — not because of Obamacare – but because of good old comic books. Well, for the conservative Comic-Con set, it’s getting worse. Conservative comic book writers have already complained that illustrated heroes have become too … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

When Lester & Charlie jumped into the political blogosphere in 2008 there was a sometimes dangerous, oftentimes confusing but generally exciting Wild Wild West element to it. And we had no idea what we were doing or how to navigate it. Along came a blog called The Political Carnival, run by @GottaLaff and @PaddyK. Their … Continue reading

Christian Shingles!

Is there anything regular people do that Christians can’t do better? Not to be outdone one-upping Wikipedia with the fact-stripped and fantastic Conservapedia (must be seen to be believed), now they’ve bested social media with a right-wing Twitter aggregation site called Twitchy, which just sold for an undisclosed amount to a Christian radio conglomerate with … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

This week, ordinary Americans demonstrated just how ingenious and valuable they are to national security when a product called “Jihawg Bullets” went viral and sales seemingly skyrocketed for their pink-topped bullets. The “pattern pending” (those are their words) bullets produced by an ammo manufacturer in Idaho are laced with some kind of pork product, so, … Continue reading

Heart and Troll

This Week’s Poll! This week, the world collectively skipped a beat over the news that George W. Bush’s former ventriloquist, Dick Cheney, will team up with his daughter and his cardiologist to throw a few words on a couple of pages, slap a cover on it and call it a best seller. Yes, while some … Continue reading

Yellow Peril

This Week’s Poll! The next time you go out driving, you may notice something different! No, it’s not Michele and Marcus Bachmann’s new clown car. It’s the new blink-and-you-miss-it yellow traffic lights! Now, according to the National Motorists Association, adding just one second to a yellow light can reduce intersection collisions by an impressive 40%. … Continue reading

RIP, Andy

A part of each of us grew up in Mayberry, whether we knew it at the time or not. And today we learned that our Mayberry centerpiece, Andy Griffith, passed away at the age of 86. In memory – and in light of tomorrow’s holiday – we though this clip would be a fitting good-bye. … Continue reading

One for the Clicker

Last week, we lost a man who changed the lives of generations of Americans. He was a pioneer and problem-solver who reduced our need to rely on children for certain tasks. One who knew that when we want to sit, we want to sit. Who understood that we get bored very easily. And that we … Continue reading


Etta James (1938-2012) As a singer, Etta James was alternately under the radar or all over it. And that’s exactly how she was as a person, too. Stubborn, opinionated, passionate, loving, often drugged out and one of the best vocalists our country produced over the last 70 years, Etta has passed away and deserves a … Continue reading