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5 More Reasons to Hate the Phone Company

An ad agency tried to save a language after reading a seemingly credible story in a major newspaper. There was just one problem. Continue reading

Let’s Give StampsCom a Stomach Ache

Please copy and tweet this! Don’t use @StampsCom unless you want to be billed 4 a whole year after u cancel service #stampscomsucks see act 6217838 It’s nearly impossible to cancel an account with Stamps.com. Took us a whole year and they would not stop billing. Finally had to threaten legal action. We’re not alone. … Continue reading

Marriott Just Fired an Employee Because She’s a Democrat

(**Update on this article can be seen here.) HERE’S THE DEAL Marriott fired a long-term employee, a Democrat, because she’s running for a seat on her local county commission. And it just so happens that Marriott supports her Republican opponent. Let’s tell Marriott where we stand on punishment-for-politics. Here’s one way: If you have a … Continue reading

Kiddie Target Practice

“Won’t someone please think of the children?” We’d like to think somebody is thinking about the children, but for the right reasons. For example, one distracting hot button today is the potential advertising of legalized marijuana, which is probably the least of the worries that we should have about kids who are supposed to be … Continue reading

This Week’s Video Vault Selection

This Thanksgiving, most Americans will be giving their thanks from behind a register at Walmart, or studying McDonald’s new tips on how to get by on slave wages. Have things really changed? Here’s a peek back into the 1950s, when citizens knew how to be thankful even when there really wasn’t much to be thankful … Continue reading