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One Ringy Dingy

Today in 1914, transcontinental telephone service began with the first phone conversation between New York and San Francisco. No one thought to record it for future generations. ***

The Week in Politics

LET’S GET REAL Everything you need to know about last week’s politics for this week’s cocktail party. Last week, Congress voted to sue the president because the president delayed a law — one that Congress hated and voted down a zillion times. Eric Cantor decided he had to leave Congress ASAP because he doesn’t do … Continue reading

A Nazi Grows in Alabama

These days, does anyone care if a quote is taken out of context? Not really, it seems. Certainly not the media that this week ran with the headline “Gwyneth Paltrow thinks water has feelings!” when the actress/lifestyle guru attempted to paraphrase the work of a Japanese author she admires. Other, more damaging examples: Barack Obama’s … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

The Week in Politics We all learned this week that Barack Obama really is a Kenyan Satanist because his new website has almost as many bugs and crashes as, say, those other embarrassing URLs like Facebook and Twitter – which the world also gave up on the first time there was a glitch. Meanwhile, those … Continue reading

Obama Blogs for Sexual Pervs!

Listen up, people: There are new revelations in the evolving Rand Paul plagiarism scandal! As it turns out, not only has the senator from Kentucky repeatedly lifted material verbatim from newspaper columns, magazines, books and even Wikipedia — now he’s trying to steal the plot of Les Miserables. Or, at least, it seems that way after watching his silly sort-of … Continue reading

The Week in Politics

The Week in Politics The highlight of politics this week is not what happened, but what didn’t happen. We all remember this famous photograph from last year when Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer (R-Psychoville) took time away from counting headless bodies in the Arizona desert to tell President Obama that she’s a very unhappy person: But … Continue reading

Leave it to Beavercreek, Ohio

This Week’s Poll! Conservatives are once again working themselves into tizzies! Actually, they never stopped. But they did manage to mix in some new with the old. First, the old: This week, we got to see the loonies in Arizona in a frothy panic over President Obama. He was in their state to give a … Continue reading

Rolling in the D’oh!

This Week’s Poll! OK, we’re big enough to admit it: Like a lot of Americans — including many of our elected representatives — we never pretended to understand everything there was to know about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Heck, no one in Washington can even seem to agree on how many pages … Continue reading

Through the Looking PRISM

Should we really be surprised about national security, PRISM and phone companies ganging up to invade our presumed privacy? This video from the 1970s should have prepared us for almost anything.

The Week in Politics

All you really need to know about the last week in politics is that Barack Obama’s prom picture is less embarrassing than yours. And that yours is less embarrassing than every appearance of money-laundering former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay in the ninth season of Dancing With The Stars.

The Week in Politics

“Fame is the thirst of youth.” ~Lord Byron This week, Barack Obama told Congress that he remembers his campaign promises. And Marco Rubio proved that it’s difficult to drink water and recycle bullshit at the same time. [Video might not play on some mobile phones] And in a world of rampant unemployment, a man with … Continue reading

Where Would Jesus Shop?

This Week’s Poll! Last week, we assured you that your government is anxiously readying to quell an imminent Tea Party armed insurrection. We wondered if — despite threats from loonies like failed Senate candidate Sharron Angle – gearing up for battle with the musket brigade isn’t just a little bit paranoid. Perhaps not. As it … Continue reading