Bank of America

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Porn for Progress

If you’re like millions of other Americans, you’ve been cursing the banks for one reason or another lately. And that puts you in the league of unlikely company: Porn stars! Yes, porn stars. It seems that greater-than-thou banks like JPMorgan Chase have decided that dealing with people in the sex industry — just handling their … Continue reading

Occupy Wall Street!

Is it time for the greedy to start sharing with the needy? Lester & Charlie bring you to the front lines of Occupy Wall St. in Lower Manhattan. The 99 Percenters say that they’re the majority, but Wall St. and Washington are saying that corporations are the majority. Which is it? And can America survive … Continue reading

Aunt Betty on Patience

“God hasn’t always been good to me, but She’s been a Hell of lot more patient than Bank of America.” -Aunt Betty’s Almanac *** Don’t forget to check out Lester & Charlie’s new book! ***