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Proof: GOP Proves Science is Bunk! (VIDEO)

  Zoologist once agreed that the last dodo bird died in 1861.     ***

The E.R.A. Era

Read the horrific demands of the Equal Rights Amendment! Continue reading

See It Now

This week in 1954, one man had the courage to stand up for a nation. Luckily, it was captured on tape. Courage is grace under pressure. ~Ernest Hemingway *** For more on the dark side of television’s Golden Age, check out Lester & Charlie’s new book: ***

Don’t Be a Sucker Redux (NSFW)

In 2004 we made a video when the words “We have come to take our country back” scared us to death. We heard that before. So did the veterans of WWII. Now we’re hearing it again. Now we’re posting it again. Stand up. ***

Trump? Wall? In the 1950s?

When will history learn that we repeat ourselves? Watch a clip of this 1950s television Western, where a man named Trump comes to town and promises to solve everyone’s problems by building a wall. Spoiler alert: Didn’t work that time, either. ***

Gimme Shelter: A Homeless Couple Better Adjusted Than You

GIMME SHELTER Though Kit’s body was removed promptly from Harlem’s Morningside Park after he hanged himself from a tree, no one bothered for about four years to take down the neon-orange rope he used to make the noose. Not many in the neighborhood noticed the rope over those years. Two did. They were a typical … Continue reading

Merry Christmas from Lester & Charlie

“My left leg is Christmas. Come up and see me between the holidays.” ~Mae West  

The Chorus Girl and Her Proud Troops of Wounded Vets

THE CHORUS GIRL AND HER PROUD TROOPS OF WOUNDED VETS This is an excerpt from Lester & Charlie’s new book project that profiles men and women who transitioned from careers in show business to changing the world through progressive social action. GENNA GRIFFITH Achilles Freedom Team of Wounded Vets, New York City Genna finished studying … Continue reading

The Lost Hillary Campaign Commercial

If Hillary actually responded to the number of emails that have reportedly been screened by the FBI, then she would have spent 8.56 hours per day answering each email in less than one second. That’s probably why she forgot to approve this campaign video that we uncovered.

Meet Wilson and Maria, Homeless People Who Will Give You Hope

Wilson and Maria have been living under a vestibule of the Church of St. John The Divine — the largest Gothic cathedral in the world by most accounts, located near Columbia University in New York City — for 5 years. They ended up there when their apartment building was closed after the City discovered that … Continue reading

Trump v. Leaky

“People frequently ask me why I devote so much time to seeking out facts about man’s past…the past shows clearly that we all have a common origin and that our differences in race, colour and creed are only superficial.” ~Anthropologist Louis S. B. Leakey, born this day in 1903 Now, who agrees? ***

The Picture Says it All

“God made more horses asses than horses.” ~Aunt Betty’s Almanac From “Our Fact Checks of the First Debate” in today’s NYTimes Foreign Policy and National Security On Mr. Trump saying Mrs. Clinton had been “fighting ISIS your entire adult life.” In reality, the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, began as an Al … Continue reading