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Proof: GOP Proves Science is Bunk! (VIDEO)

  Zoologist once agreed that the last dodo bird died in 1861.     ***

Poetic Logic

“Half the world is composed of people who have something to say and can’t, and the other half who have nothing to say and keep on saying it.” ~Happy Birthday, Robert Frost

The E.R.A. Era

Read the horrific demands of the Equal Rights Amendment! Continue reading

A Literary Milestone

The book, a bold stab at slavery, sold second only to the Bible in its year of publication and for the rest of the Century — in spite of it pre-dating the Civil War. Here are a few blurbs from reviews in 1852: Continue reading

Some Claim That the Study of Stupidity is Called “Monology.”

… or “Journalism.” In case you were too bombed on St. Patrick’s Day, here are the headlines you missed for March 17, 2017. ***

See It Now

This week in 1954, one man had the courage to stand up for a nation. Luckily, it was captured on tape. Courage is grace under pressure. ~Ernest Hemingway *** For more on the dark side of television’s Golden Age, check out Lester & Charlie’s new book: ***

Missed-ellaneous News: What You Can Only Find in the No Trump Zone

But the next generation isn’t buying it and they want their day in court. So a group of 12 to 16 year-olds petitioned Washington state “to find the state Department of Ecology in contempt for failing to adequately protect them and future generations from global … Continue reading

Your 5 Minute Escape from Alternative Facts

THINGS YOU CAN’T FIND IN FAKE NEWS Tidbits from Lester & Charlie’s Wienermobile News Desk Crash Dummies Embrace American Values To better reflect the times and maybe pay homage to President Trump, crash test dummies have become fat and old. The Daily Mail reports: “Dr Stewart Wang, director of the University of Michigan International Center … Continue reading

The Corporate Cookbook Challenge

But we asked: “What’’s the fuss?” Corporations have been poisoning us for decades, and we willingly gobble down their foodstuffs regardless of risk. We decided to test drive some corporate cookbooks to find out if corporate food is naught or nice. Continue reading

Notes From the Resistance Feb. 9, 2017

Jeff Sessions is unqualified to represent us at Justice; saying so isn’t just Senator Warren’s right, it is a moral imperative. Continue reading

Don’t Be a Sucker Redux (NSFW)

In 2004 we made a video when the words “We have come to take our country back” scared us to death. We heard that before. So did the veterans of WWII. Now we’re hearing it again. Now we’re posting it again. Stand up. ***

Are We Better off Than We Were 44 Years Ago?

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, Roe v. Wade The Supreme Court stated 44 years ago today that the constitutionally granted right to privacy is broad enough to give women the right to choose and make decisions about their bodies without government interference. Since then, state by state, that guarantee has been whittled down through restrictions that range from … Continue reading