AP Fact Check Favorites 15 Feb 2020: The “Teacher, leave us kids alone” Edition

The highlight of today’s AP Fact Check:


TRUMP: “You do know who’s paying for the wall, don’t you? Redemption from illegal aliens that are coming. The redemption money is paying for the wall.” — New Hampshire rally Monday.

THE FACTS: To date, the money is coming from the U.S. treasury, meaning today’s taxpayers and the future ones who will inherit the federal debt. To the extent any people who came into the U.S. illegally are kicking in for the wall, it’s because they’re working and paying taxes like other workers.

Marmaduke explained:

Marmaduke was playing with a fly, but the fly turned out to be a bee, and the bee stung Marmaduke right on his nose and hurt his nose and Owner-Girl saw the whole thing as it happened and didn’t do a goddamned thing to stop it.


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