Where Would We Be Without Refugees?

The world is populated with 7.5 billion people who never asked to be here, never asked to be born where they are, and for many reasons have to relocate. Immigration and migration are, historically, the first line of defense against poverty and starvation. For those facing unsurmountable odds, being a refugee is the first line of defense against being murdered.

The image above is a made-for-social media meme, yet makes a good point. What could be become of the refugees held at our border? Are they here to kill us or to accept the invitation that the U.S. has been advertising for centuries — the land of hope and freedom.

Here a few refugees that didn’t come over to destroy the American Dream, but to revive it, as most immigrants and refugees do in thanks for being welcomed to the land.

Here are some that seemed to make America better:

Albert Einstein

Freddie Mercury

George Soros

Madeleine Albright

Henry Kissenger

Elie Wiesel


Sidney Hillman

Gloria Estaphan

Dith Pran

Hannah Arendt

Mikhail Baryshnikov

Nadia Comaneci


Tom Stoppard

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Dr. Ruth Westheimer

and, of course, Superman

The list goes on. There are household names like those, and there’s the town cobbler who’s the only one you trust with your shoes.

Certainly, many refugees were booted out as menaces to our society. But It seems like the risk might be worth the reward. In some cage in Texas could be the next Einstein.


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