Divine Knew Trash When She Saw It


Divine knew trash when she saw it. This photo was likely taken in the 1980s, and flashes a little shade toward two of New York City’s least loved couples – Donald and Ivana Trump.

It astounded us, and many other New Yorkers, that a known con artist, liar, and aficionado of exploitation would be taken seriously in a bid for political office. To most of us, he was an amusing joke.

Kudos to Divine, for expressing publicly, the mood that NYC always had toward this man. Regrettably, we didn’t get that feeling across to the rest of the nation. Many of us tried — but it is always hard to get through to an audience that is open to cults. Even a cult film star saw the danger.

If only more Americans had some of Divine’s intuition. #RememberInNovember.

h/t: @texanchef43 for sending us the photo.

(Check these out, too:  Trump Theater One (Pottery Class) – Trump Theater Two (Pizza Hut Commercial with his Ex-Wife Ivana.))

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