#NoTrumpFriday – November 2, 2018 Edition

Okay, the #notrumpfriday movement we’re trying to start hasn’t gone so well. The reason could be that “trump” is right in the hashtag.

But we won’t give up. We’re going to go on pretending that it’s driving Mr. 45 crazy, and hope that it catches on. It’s a simple idea:  Resist posting about him on social media every Friday. Make him feel unloved and unhated … insignificant. Post distractions instead.

Before we talk about him too much on our own #NoTrumpFriday, here are some distractions.

Bad Cakes, some courtesy of Cake Wrecks:

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Anthropomorphic Things

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Did you know that seeing faces in random things is technically called pareidolia? It’s quite possibly a survival instinct that helped evolving humans and other animals to determine if an object were a friend (mom with a bowl of food) or foe (a tiger that looks hungry). Pareidolia’s spin-off is when our brains try to interpret inanimate objects. Is that Jesus, or is it a piece of toast? If you want to learn more about it, there’s an interesting overview over here on Quartz.


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