Sex Colonies on Mars, Catching Russians and Donald Trump

Yep. The words in the headline are all connected. Check out the article we worked in that appeared on the CNN Op-Ed section this week: Donald Trump, Alex Jones and the Illusion of  Knowledge.

From the article:

Why are people talking about collusion, impeachment, obstruction of justice and treason when it is crystal clear that Donald Trump Jr. was simply fulfilling his patriotic duty to catch Russian spies?

At least that’s the explanation Alex Jones, a right-wing radio broadcaster, was peddling on his show this past Wednesday. He argued that Trump Jr. should be praised, not ridiculed, for trying to protect America from hostile foreign intelligence.

Jones is notably the same broadcaster who last month interviewed Robert David Steele, a man who claimed that the 2,000 children who go missing every day are being shipped to Mars to be used as sex slaves.

It’s easy to dismiss Jones’ show and his cohorts as far-right conspiracy theorists, but his blog,, has over 3 million American viewers every month and his radio show, which is syndicated on more than 60 stations, is reported to have anywhere between 2 million and 5 million listeners daily. Most importantly, his show also has the backing of President Donald Trump, who has argued Jones has an amazing reputation and deserves a Pulitzer.

Read the rest here.

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