Are We Better off Than We Were 44 Years Ago?


1973 Roe v Wade Prinkshop
T-shirt photo courtesy of Prinkshop

The Supreme Court stated 44 years ago today that the constitutionally granted right to privacy is broad enough to give women the right to choose and make decisions about their bodies without government interference.

Since then, state by state, that guarantee has been whittled down through restrictions that range from the logistical to the surreal.

President Trump and VP Mike Pence are both against a woman’s right to choose (Pence’s efforts in his home state are almost comical, as you can read here.)

The numbers are the most incriminating in terms of state restrictions.

First, abortions are diminishing in spite of the restrictions:

Abortion Rates Drop
Click to enlarge

But, the more restrictions a state has, the more likely are the chances that women and children have extremely low rates of well-being.

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