Trump? Wall? In the 1950s?


When will history learn that we repeat ourselves?

Watch a clip of this 1950s television Western, where a man named Trump comes to town and promises to solve everyone’s problems by building a wall.

Spoiler alert: Didn’t work that time, either.



      • You’re welcome. There’s also the dialogue, upon first meeting the Texas Ranger in the saloon, where show star Robert Culp suggests he’s a con man, and Trump (the character) threatens to sue him!

        I’m going to go look at my hardware store for “magnetium”. Maybe it’s in the aisle near the “unobtanium” (Avatar).

  1. When Henry Ford ran for president, he sued a man for calling him an “idiot.” He failed to prove he was not an idiot when asked some 8th grade questions about the American Revolution. I have published a citizen’s arrest of Donald Trump, and informed him and the Justice department. He must prove that he did not commit election fraud, and there is already a preponderance of evidence. We have 4 days: arrest Trump.

    P. S. Barack and Ms. Lynch may be afraid because they are not “White.” I am. CLC- Centrist, not Democrat. Arrest Donald Trump. Come read the case and the reasoning. There is more than is written. View the National Enquirer days before the election, and look at it in a mirror- (not literally).

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