The B*tt Plug Stops Here


Media jump on the opportunity to report about politicians and their proclivity to invade our bedrooms and tell us that sex and the sex industry cause moral decay. So in April reporters jumped all over Ted Cruz’s vehemently anti-dildo and anti-masturbation track record from back when he was solicitor general in Texas.

The reports positioned this as scandalous, but the war on dildos is one that politicians in Texas have waged for a while. For instance, until 2008 Title 9 §43.23(7) of the state’s Penal Code dictated, among other sex-related things, that no household could own more than six dildos. Why Texas residents can only have six dildos in their house but can elect as many as they want to the upper and lower houses of the Texas legislature or governor’s mansion remains a mystery.

What media isn’t so keen on reporting are the real reasons that Cruz and other politicians are freaked out about the sex industry. It’s partly because citizen-organized political protest and social action scare the bejesus out of politicians, and the sex toy and pornography industries sometimes play an effective role in each. Following are a few examples:

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