Abby in office

Here’s one way a dancer with a broken ankle can get 360 girls a year on their feet.

Abby was two weeks away from starring in her first big gig – a production of Jesus Christ Superstar – that would showcase her dance talents. Then she broke her ankle.

That’s when she realized she loved dance itself more than she loved the idea of being the greatest dancer. And that’s when she started Groove With Me.

Groove With Me is a non-for-profit dance center in in East Harlem, New York. It’s in a neighborhood where a lot a lot of things are stacked against kids, girls in particular. She knew that dance would give many of them the discipline, nurturing and confidence they need to knock down their obstacles.

Abby started this 18 years ago, and now 360 girls attend Groove With Me each year. Get to know Abby better in our upcoming book.

Rising Stars is a book about 50 former actors and artists who now feed your families, fight inequality, prevent crime and make your community stronger. Keep up with the book’s progress on our Facebook page.










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