Now, We Know You Must Have Some Good Ideas…

uso girls


Lester & Charlie are researching for a new book called Rising Stars, and we’re looking for a few good men and women who started their careers in arts or entertainment and it led to progressive activism. Here are a few examples:

*A USO girl who left the chorus line to help wounded vets and created a 5-mile run that wounded vets participate in every year, in more than 70 countries.

*A singer for the group “Sweet Honey in the Rock” who is now saving New York City’s community gardens from real estate development.

*A former Miss Missouri who dedicated her life to helping entrepreneurs succeed.

*A struggling Broadway dancer who left showbiz after an injury and started a dance center in East Harlem that provides free dance lessons for girls– and a nurturing environment where they can be free.

*An actor from the Royal Academy of the Arts who left drama to play a role in eliminating gender inequality in Nairobi.

*A carnival fire-eater who now challenges death row sentences in Louisiana.

These are just some of the people we’re profiling for the book, and we’re asking everyone we meet to think if they know someone who should be in it. Maybe you have a neighbor, co-worker, friend or wacky old aunt who fits the bill. Their success in the arts doesn’t have to be grand, and neither does the scope of their accomplishments. We’re looking for people whose community impact is big or small. They could run an after-school program or they could run a global impact project. Think if you know anyone you could introduce us to. If so, let us know! Here’s a way to get started:


While you're here, check out Lester & Charlie's new book.
While you’re here, check out Lester & Charlie’s other book.


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