Lester & Charlie’s 2015 Prediction Poll


Welcome to Lester & Charlie’s Annual Prediction Poll!

For more years than we care to count, you readers have helped us bet on what the big news stories of the next year will be. Sometimes, to our astonishment, we get something right. Like when we guessed correctly that, despite Republicans’ hate of science and healthcare, somehow the Catholic Church still hasn’t cured cancer.

But more often we gets things wrong — like when we predicted that Marcus Bachmann would run off to Utah and marry a man he met on ChristianMingle. Some things take time.

It’s hard to bat a thousand in a world full of highly creative lunatics. We try our best, but, really, who could have predicted the big stories of 2014? Just a few examples:

  • KFC selling prom corsages made of baby’s breath and a drumstick
  • Spirit Airlines selling advertising on its barf bags
  • ISIS members declaring “Death to America” while gorging themselves on Snickers, Red Bull and Pringles
  • 911 operators in Los Angeles being overwhelmed with callers reporting the emergency that Facebook was down for an hour

OK, maybe we could have predicted that last one. The others just prove that old saying about reality: “You can’t make this sh!t up.”

But we’re not about to give up trying. So help us! Dig out your Magic 8 Ball and weigh in: What crazy stories do YOU think 2015 will bring?

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