We Have a Winner, People!


water tank of year 2014

Talking heads keep reminding everyone in the country that nobody in the country knows about the midterm elections, and scores of polls predict that voter turnout will be less than the usual 40%. Like, a lot lower.

So we were happy to see that local officials and local news outlets have done their darnedest to get out the vote right as the midterm elections are heating up.

Yes, the election they promoted was for America’s Best Tank of the Year, as in water tank, but at least water tanks serve a function and do the job they promise to do for hundreds of millions of citizens. Sounds worth the time it takes to vote.

Our congratulations go to the winning water tank in Lebanon, MO and that handsome trout or something that a man is peeing on over a nostalgic Route 66 sign! Karl Rove couldn’t have designed a better campaign himself!

The runners-up were all worthy of the title, and we hope they find some consulting gigs after this brutal campaign. Here’s a few of them in all their glory:

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