The Week in Politics


Everything you need to know about last week’s politics for this week’s cocktail party.


Last week, Congress voted to sue the president because the president delayed a law — one that Congress hated and voted down a zillion times.

Eric Cantor decided he had to leave Congress ASAP because he doesn’t do anything there, anyway.

People turned their rage toward the “lying” infants crossing the border who are claiming to be “refugees” and might have “some disease” that no one can name and they just should go home and spread it there.

And whatever it is that goes on in the Middle East was going on in the Middle East — and everyone in politics has an opinion on how that affects their reelection even though they can barely find the Middle East on a map.

Basically, the crazies were maintaining the crazy quo with shouts that they, and only they, know the real America and what it needs.

We thought it would be refreshing, then, to simply say Happy Birthday to an American who really did know his country.


James Baldwin
August 2, 1924 to December 1, 1987

“It is very nearly impossible to become an educated person
in a country so distrustful of the independent mind.”




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