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This week, there were three important developments in the politics of climate change.

First, House Republicans passed an amendment that forbids the Department of Defense from acknowledging climate change and from spending even a dime on contingency plans for rising sea levels.That’s probably fine for the Navy, since they float.

Second, America’s beloved and ageless spelling whiz, Pat Sajak, posted this on Twitter:

I now believe global warming alarmists are unpatriotic racists knowingly misleading for their own ends. Good night.

That was enough for America’s beloved and ageless trivia whiz, Alex Trebek, to publicly state that he believes the climate is changing and that he has witnessed it first-hand “in trips to Antarctica and Mt. Kilimanjaro.”

So who will America believe?

We know that no one believes Congress. But it’s a tough choice between someone who operates the world’s wheel of fortune and one who is inextricably linked to the word jeopardy. 

To find out if “fortune” or “jeopardy” is in our future, we turned to a Reader’s Digest poll that lists the 100 most trusted people in America. Coming in at #8: Alex Trebek. Pat Sajak is #69.

In other words, we’re in jeopardy.



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