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It’s no secret that the dreaded Koch Brothers have spent almost $500 million of their bulging fortune on pet Republican candidates and ultra-conservative, narrow-minded “think” tanks.

The Kochs have become the poster boys of white-bread American illusions. They’re a three-way cross between Norman Rockwell, Ronald Reagan and a wallet. They want everyone more pigmented than them, and anyone who leans politically to left of Attila the Hun, to go choke on a SNAP card. And they’ll pay to watch.

What could be more conservative than that? Well, this week we were shocked to read in the New York Times that the Kochs have donated more to Democrats in the last 14 months than Flowers Foods — America’s record-breaking corporate political donor — has donated to Democrats in the last 30 years.

Wait. The Kochs are financially more tolerant of liberals than some business called Flowers Foods? A company whose name conjures up hippies placing daises in guns? Or of those kids on the mountain who tried to teach the world to sing in the 1970s? Or Colorado?

If you want to know what Flowers Foods makes, take another look at that picture above.




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