The Week in Politics

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If there was any political news, it was rather hard to find this week since media resigned itself to reporting on nothing but the fact that they have nothing to report about that missing flight but will anyway. And the media not covering the flight is covering how much the media is covering it.

fred phelps

But, while the media rambles on tragically about a tragedy, you should be dusting off your funeral picket signs! The Wicked Warlock of the Westboro Baptist Church left the building on Wednesday and is hopefully en route to some cosmic charm school in the sky. Can’t make it to the funeral to give him the picket? Well, a Satanic church (oxymoron?) has your back. They’re performing some kind of ritual to make Fred gay in the afterlife, just like Marcus Bachmann can pray away the gay in the current life.


And if you’re looking for a way to promote your logo or message, your prayers are answered. Look no further than Spirit Airlines. In their effort to monetize every part of their planes, they have recently introduced barf bag ads! We can only hope that Karl Rove and the Koch brothers take advantage of this during the midterm elections and beyond. Toss Your Cookies for McConnell anyone? Bag Some Barf For Boehner?


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