The Week in Politics



This week, Ann Coulter set the record straight (in her mind) when she declared that “I used to think everything was about sex, now I realize everything is about immigration.” FOX News got all literary on us while covering a spelling bee, Louisiana’s legislature (state) wants to make the Bible (church) the official state book, and a woman who died six years ago voted in Michigan because who else has the patience?

So, it was an average week in America. But one extraordinary thing happened. Lester & Charlie organized a Twitter campaign on behalf of a friend whose business and personal life was being shattered by Wells Fargo. Our Twitter friends stepped up to the plate. And, together, we won the battle. The Twitter Bombing caught the attention of the country’s second-largest bank (and first class jerks who pay $500,000 a day in fines and settlements for a reason) and they took actions immediately.

Wells Fargo spotted the campaign and, fearing bad press, contacted our friend and admitted that there really never was a reason for them to have seized his personal and professional assets indefinitely; that there was no reason why Wells Fargo made it impossible for him to pay vendors or landlords or employees, and there was no reason why he was told repeatedly by Wells Fargo employees that all of this was for his own good and the good of the Patriot Act.

Reasonable customer service and respect should not take this kind of action. It should be expected. But sometimes it takes a village to put the village idiot in his place.

Big thanks to all the folks who helped. In a world of myriad injustices, we hope that you can all take some satisfaction that your efforts resolved one injustice and restored the lives of many people.


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