The Week in Politics

Caveat Emptor

This week’s prize for dirty tricks and cunning social media tactics goes to the Republican party. Hands down.

They seem hellbent on proving that they would rather manipulate the vote than run on a platform that earns legitimate ones at the polling booth. They’ve already pushed through Citizens United, helped gut the Voting Rights Act, created butterfly ballots and restrictive voter I.D. laws and even new versions of the constitutionally prohibited poll tax.

And they’re hellbent on proving there’s no end to their creativity. Take this snapshot from Democratic candidate Ann Kirkpatrick’s site:

ann kirkpatrick

Looks friendly enough. Just give the smiling Dem some bucks and help her get to D.C. But wait! That’s not her site! And when you make your donation, it doesn’t go to Ms. Kirkpatrick. It goes to a GOP campaign fund that is supporting her opponent.

Same thing with poor Carol Shea-Porter:

carol shea-porter

In fact, TIME Magazine gave up counting when they found 16 money-raising sites this week designed to appeal to Democrats by using the names and likenesses of Democratic candidates, that appeared to collect donations for Democratic candidates – but put every dime donated into pockets of Republicans.

Now, which party are we supposed to trust with our money this week?


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