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Everything You Need to Know About Last Week to Survive This Week’s Cocktail Party

katy perry

When asked in an interview what she would like to ask President Obama, mega-meta pop star Katy Perry said something along the lines of “President Obama, what do you know about aliens?”

If you imagine Ms. Perry saying that in a come-hither voice, it starts to sound like a pickup line she learned back on her home planet of Zeta Reticuli.

And that might explain (since nothing else does) why fellow musician Mike Huckabee decided this week to put an end to the rumors about a Republican War on Women  — by telling an audience of Republican men that all ladies are whores and have therefore become dependent on Uncle Sam to give them birth control for free.

This bold statement had reporters across the nation scrambling to come up with some sort of evidence that women have their sexual limits.

Hopefully, that matter was put to rest when a hardworking ink slinger in Pratt, Kansas wrote this headline:

butler wears out lady beavers