The Week in Politics

political carnival

When Lester & Charlie jumped into the political blogosphere in 2008 there was a sometimes dangerous, oftentimes confusing but generally exciting Wild Wild West element to it. And we had no idea what we were doing or how to navigate it.

Along came a blog called The Political Carnival, run by @GottaLaff and @PaddyK. Their fun, uplifting way of curating the news and providing common-sense opinions while calling for more progressive change in government and society served as our blueprint on how to behave online. Over many years, they lent us their valuable support, advice and encouragement.

@PaddyK died this week after struggling valiantly with illnesses in a home in Indiana that featured broken water pipes, no hot water and only three space heaters to keep her warm. And, amazingly, she kept up the fight for hope and change right though her last day.

The online world has lost a great mentor, teacher and friend — and politics has lost an important voice. We will miss @PaddyK.