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Last week, lots of bloggers and Internet People (including us) asked the same question: What do YOU think will happen in 2014? Well, here we are, 2014 has barely started and we’re already getting some answers. Exciting things are happening all over the place, thanks in part to “legislation” — something that we, having paid far too much attention to the US Congress last year, didn’t think actually happened much any more.

Not true! All over the US, a whopping 40,000 laws took effect on January 1. Not only can citizens of Colorado legally begin buying and selling marijuana; there’s more: New mothers in Oregon can take home their placenta from hospitals after giving birth, to bury it or bronze it or even have it for breakfast. Hunters and fishermen in Illinois are protected from unmanned aerial drones, with special emphasis on any drones that may happen to be owned by animal-rights activists. You can’t sell shark fins in Delaware. In Utah, earthquake drills are now routine in secondary schools. True, there aren’t many earthquakes in Utah, but there are gays getting married. There’s probably a connection.

We’re no stranger to strange rules on the books in America: laws that, say, make it illegal to give whiskey to a dog, or fish while sitting on the neck of a giraffe. Laws that ban the owning of too many dildos, or forbid citizens from having sex with a salamander. Making laws can be fun! And not just because it can lead to shivering Coloradans wandering through the snow clutching a brand-new thing called a “weed map.”

There’s no reason this year can be a whole new ball game. If 40,000 laws can go into effect before Baby New Year has had time to soil his first diaper, then, potentially, the sky’s the limit. There are loads of people in the US who fantasize about mixing things up, changing the game, or just keeping their names in the news. Let’s give them a hand!

Of course, the ones making the new rules aren’t always the ones we’d like to have in power. So while making crazy laws can be entertaining, sometimes it just leads to a mess. But that’s never stopped them before.

So let’s take a look. What crazy thing do YOU think will happen in government this year?

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