The Week in Politics

The Week in Politics: The Grinch Who Saved Christmas

Santa Shot

On the heels (or snow boots) of:

  • Sarah Palin’s one-woman battle against the imaginary War on Christmas, and
  • FOX News bobblehead Megyn Kelley’s one-woman crusade to keep the white in White Christmas, and
  • Another child shooting a gun in Colorado, and
  • “Keeping the poor miserable” becoming the new patriotism

… we learned that a black Santa was shot in the back with a pellet gun while delivering 1,800 toys to 600 children in the low-income community of Barry Farm in Southwest D.C. on Christmas Eve.

And the BBC confirms that The Grinch had to step in to take over Santa’s role.

We have no idea what this really means, but it’s nice to know that Christmas still brings everything together.