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The Week in Politics: Stocking Stuffers

Just in time for last-minute holiday shopping, some of the usual right-wing suspects have got your back. No, they’re not helping you or your Aunt Mary find a job so you can actually afford to go shopping. But they are producing some affordable stocking stuffers!

First up, pizza mogul and failed presidential candidate Herman Cain has an awesome new comic book called “Political Power” that can be yours for $3.99. As the press release states: Cain’s story is one of seizing opportunities, but also of embracing mistakes and moving forward. Here’s a screenshot of one of his mistakes:

herman comic

Next up: Ted Cruz to the Future!  For a reasonable $5.99 you can follow the exploits and influences of the McCarthy doppelganger and all around asshole as he introduces his family, filibusters and goes hunting to exercise his Second Amendment rights. But bring along your Crayolas! It’s a coloring book.


So, if you were thinking of getting your Tea Party cousins some affordable Republican political biography, there’s no reason to tear their stockings at the seams with all six volumes of Carl Sandburg’s “Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years.” Give them something they’ll actually read, instead.


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