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The Week in Politics

The Week in Politics: Grumpy Old Men

This week, the poster boy for Urgent Mental Health Care – Glenn Beck – wasted the nation’s time playing with dolls from The Wizard of Oz and trying to make some kind of point. Meanwhile, his beleaguered staff did some photoshopping that was surprisingly realistic:

John Boehner as the Cowardly Lion

John Boehner as the Cowardly Lion

John McCain as the Tin Man

John McCain as the Tin Man

And speaking of crazy old white men, McCain’s friends in Congress are bound to be lining up in the Alka Seltzer aisles this week when they get their hands on a new report from the Urban Institute. The report states rather plainly:

When considered across many decades – historically, currently and in the near future – Social Security redistributes from people of color to whites.

Imagine that! After decades of conservatives using Social Security as code for the takers, it turns out the takers look a lot like them.

Fasten your seat belts, everybody.


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