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The Week in Politics: Strange Signals

iran facebook

Last week, we learned that Iranian government ministers have been flocking to the Internet and posting their own pages. 18 bigwigs have jumped on board so far, starting with Mr. Zarif, above.

Meanwhile, back at home, this picture of President Obama was published:

obama foot on desk no sole

And then someone at WorldNetDaily read between the lines, as summarized by Right Wing Watch:

After cracking the case of President Obama’s secret Muslim ring, WorldNetDaily’s latest scoop exposes Obama’s secret Muslim foot signals.

In her column, “Obama Sending Muslim Subtle Message?,” Andrea Shea King claims that a photo of Obama with his foot on the Resolute desk of the Oval Office is actually “a wordless message of support to the Muslim Brotherhood, Arab street and Islamic community in general.”

“It is, after all, common knowledge that the Arab world considers the bottom of one’s shoes the ultimate sign of disrespect,” she writes.

In summary, Iranian ministers joined Facebook and Obama gave them a secret Islamic thumbs up. What we don’t know is what provoked this: