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The Week in Politics

The Week in Politics


Turns out that 85% of Weld County, Colorado is sick of gun control and wants more fracking in their back yards. So this November they will be voting on whether or not to break off and become their own state, the state of North Colorado – whose postal abbreviation might get confused with North Carolina, but, really, what’s the difference?

While the citizens of either of those “NC” states are in the forest living out their Jed Clampett fantasies, they might want to bring along the hunter’s new best friend: the Squat Strap, which AmmoLand is calling “The Best ‘Poop in the Woods’ Product there Is.”

All that aside, the only political thing you really need to know about to be popular at your next cocktail party is that a flying dildo interrupted a Russian press conference. We don’t know when or why, but it hardly matters. Just watch.


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