The Week in Politics

tip o'neill cheers

Beloved Cheers guest star and long-time Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill (no, he’s the one on your left) said that “All politics is local.” That seems relevant this week since there’s something in the air with local mayors and their wannabees.

First, old-school pervert and San Diego mayor Bob Filner stunned the world last week by saying , “Let’s all take a deep breath.”

This was in response to allegations that he really can’t keep his hands off anybody with boobs — in fact, he’s allegedly fondled so many women that he’s been officially banned from meeting anyone lacking a Y chromosome and has been appointed a chaperone.

weiner quagmire

Second, new-school pervert and New York City mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner (he’s the one on the left) has bored New York so much with his sexting addiction that his dreadfully dull Democratic rival Christine Quinn — who has overcome bulimia, alcoholism, heterosexuality and maybe even Republicanism — finally seems interesting to voters.

Luckily, all gubernatorial sanity has not been lost, as this local campaign video proves.