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Attention Christian surfers! So there you are, working on a wholesome, Christian project like your church bulletin. You go on the Internet to find just the right image to add to it, typing in an obvious, safe phrase like “pictures of women on their knees” – but you don’t get images of good Christians praising God!


Used to be that all the righteous had to do to stay pure was to avoid those big, dirty, godless metropolises, what with their saloons and whorehouses and whatnot. But now, anyone with a computer and a wi-fi connection can be tempted. No one is safe. Seduction is a Google search away!

Coming to the rescue is Lightstock, a “faith-focused, safe-searching, carefully curated stock photography website” meant just for Jesus lovers.

At Lightstock, you needn’t fear that typing in, say, “Jesus loved twelve men and countless others” will get you anything but exactly what you’re looking for! Which is to say there’s nothing there that could possibly offend your delicate Christian sensibility.

Plus, you can rest easy because Lightstock guarantees that your purchase was “shot by a follower of Christ.” And – not only will the royalty-free picture you buy “invisibly highlight God’s glory” – but your holy purchase guarantees that some Jew or atheist gets a free New Testament!

So you’re not just glorifying God and avoiding indelicate images and harassing everyone with Jesus, you’re keeping the Kingdom dollars in the Kingdom and inviting a few people in! Who knew you could get this much from stock photography?

Well. We’ll have to remember to sign up for this service the next time we decide to self-publish a book about the Apocalypse or advertise our Leviticus study group or just need to add graphics on an ex-gay newsletter. Because Lightstock claims to have the royalty-free stock photos we’ll need!

But still, we can’t help wondering just who is signing up for this. What kinds of companies need to eschew the bigger, older, more established stock photography sites that have a picture of everything – and use Lightstock instead? Who would YOU put on the list?

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